Are you reaching your target audience? How many times does a customer need to see your brand before they contact you? How do I integrate all of my marketing efforts?

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Google AdWords

Our Google Ads Certified Specialists craft the strategy, implement it and monitor your Google AdWords and PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns.

Social Media

Let us manage the strategy, implementation, and monitoring of your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Audience Analytics

We measure what we manage! Monthly reporting and analysis to help us continiously improve your digital marketing.


On-going SEO (Search Engine Optimization) monitoring, analysis and support to help you reach your customers. 


Need help determining what to say and how to say it? Let our marketing experts help. 

Graphic Design

A brand refresh to just a new logo, we can create visually appealing graphics.

Website Development

Does your website need a facelift or a complete overhaul? We can help create your dream website.

Email Marketing

We create targeted emails to your audience based on their preferences and online behavior.

Pricing Packages

Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs

Ala Carte Pricing Options

Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

An integrated digital marketing approach helps to ensure that you are reaching your customers and creating a seamless experience for consumers to interact with your brand.

Answers to Your Digital Marketing Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert is someone that focuses their efforts intentionally and continuously to drive traffic to your website through online channels and search engines. This is done through customized ads, targeting the right audience, and boosting your presence in search results. Ultimately, leading to building online leads for your business. 

How often should I update my website?

This is a question of how often does your business change. If you’re offering a new service then update your website. If you have new information for your audience, update your website. However, if your information remains unchanged you may only need to review your website content quarterly.

What determines search engine rankings?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a leading factor in rankings. What this means is providing quality content that is optimized to include internal links, quality outbound links, optimized images, page descriptions, titles and more. SEO combined with speed and performance are important foundations in search engine rankings.

What social media platforms are best for my business?

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to digital marketing. Not all social media platforms are beneficial for all businesses. That’s why at Gifted Owl, we will have discussions with you about your business goals and audience. 

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. PPC advertising enables you to create messaging that reaches a large audience of people searching for products and services that you provide. Most commonly you’ll hear people refer to Google Ads (Google AdWords). But this can also refer to social media advertising with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

Do I need a company blog?

Blogging is a beneficial way to ensure that your site continues to create new content. The issue becomes when you create blog content and then stop. If you feel that getting information out to customers on a continous basis is feasible then, yes a company blog is an effective tool to keep top of mind for your customers. 

Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing has come a long way from bulk generic email sends. With new technologies we are able to customize email marketing to fit your audience. In on-going efforts, we can adjust and tailor marketing continiously to determine the right messaging to reach your customers. 

How do I measure ROI on digital marketing?

Goal setting is important when determining your digital marketing strategy. If you’re looking for brand awareness, your ROI could be the number of ad impressions. If you’re interested in selling your products then ROI would be measured by sales. Depending on your goals, we can customize a plan that will work for you. 

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