Google Analytics 4, provides insight on traffic and engagement on your website or app. You can connect your Google ads account and social media amongst others to get a clear picture of your engagement from all channels. 

GA4 Dashboard

Go to reports on the left hand side of GA4. This will lead you to the reports dashboard where you will find snapshots of different reports. The snapshots will be different depending on what metrics are most important for your website. You can find acquisition, engagement, monetization, and overview. This will give you more detailed insights. 


This gives you a breakdown of where your visitors are coming from. Under overview you can find a wide range of widgets. Many of the widgets have links which will provide a more detailed view of the data. User acquisition and Traffic acquisition give details on which channels users are taking to get to your site. This helps you get a perspective on which channels you should be investing in. 


This gives insight on user engagement on your site. The overview has a number of widgets providing information such as views and users per minute. The overview contains widgets with information such as average engagement time, users, and user activity over time. Under events you can find event count by event name. Under conversions, you can find conversion by event name stats. 


This provides insight into revenue. In overview you can find revenue from ecommerce purchases made on your site as well as ad revenue. You can also find more detailed information such as items purchased and revenue per user. Depending on the format of your site, this may or may not be useful. Under ecommerce purchases you can find your ecommerce sales by item name. 


This section gives insight into the retention overview. You will find information such as new vs. returning users, user engagement, or lifetime value. 

New Metrics in GA4

Active Users

This is the new primary user metric In GA4. This measures users in engaged sessions which is when someone is on a page on your site for at least ten seconds.


This metric tracks the number of times a page on a website is viewed.  Pageviews provide valuable insights into which pages on a website are most popular and can help you optimize your website based on user behavior.


This is a group of events performed by users in a given time period. A session ends after 30 minutes of inactivity from a user. 


Conversion Rate is a metric that tracks the percentage of users who complete a desired action on a website, such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form. 

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a metric that measures the percentage of users who leave a website after viewing only one page. This metric can help you identify areas where users are not engaging with your website.

Event Count

Event Count is a metric that tracks the number of events that occur on a website, such as button clicks, video views, and file downloads. This metric can help you optimize your website based on which events are most important to your business goals.

Find your reports

Once you have determined the metrics you want to track, you want to have access to your reports. You can find your reports in the Library

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