Ecommerce Support

$300 / month

Our Ecommerce Support plan is specifically designed to manage, protect and enhance your WordPress website with lightning-fast delivery and rock solid support.  With a high priority on security we will keep your ecommerce storefront and customer data secure and running smoothly. This way, you can focus all of your efforts on building your personal brand, growing your business and increasing profit while leaving the security, updates, monitoring and optimization to our reliable team of technical experts.

Why waste valuable time struggling to find solid WordPress help or updating outdated, vulnerable plugins? We automatically apply all software updates as soon as they are released and pride ourselves on fixing any known WordPress security holes quickly and efficiently. The end result? A finely tuned WordPress website that runs as smoothly as possible.

Included in our Ecommerce Support plan is up to 3 hours a month for website content & features development.




WordPress Hosting and Support

Reliable Security, Optimized Performance & Lightning-Fast Speed for Your WordPress Website

Careful and Consistent Uptime Monitoring

We carefully monitor your WordPress site in real time, and if anything crashes or goes down, our team will take the necessary actions to restore your progress as quickly as possible.

Reliable WordPress Security

We provide the necessary maintenance and security measures that WordPress requires on a daily and weekly basis to keep your website fully protected. This includes performing frequent WordPress security scans for malware and fixing any security holes or breaches as quickly as possible.

Optimized Performance for Speed

A slow website can be especially frustrating for visitors, resulting in a potential loss of business, not to mention get you penalized by Google. Our services ensure optimized performance and help speed up your WordPress site.

Automatic Updates to Plugins and Theme

Our expert team automatically updates plugins and core files and makes any needed changes to your WordPress theme as soon as new versions are released.

Daily Onsite Backups

Ensure that your important information and private website data is kept in a safe place with daily onsite backups using a local storage device.

Google Analytics Integration

Using invaluable Google Analytics tools, we track visitors to your website, obtain key demographics, collect user-interaction data, monitor conversions and bounce rates and more.

Detailed Reports Sent Via Email

Option to receive detailed email reports from our WordPress support team with information on security measures, software and plugin updates and analytics.

Extended Support Services

Receive up to 3 hours of dedicated support a month from our team of WordPress experts.


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