The SEO Benefits of Having a Business Blog

Written By Gifted Owl

Whether you own a small family-owned business or a large corporation, there is a bevy of reasons why a blog can be immensely beneficial. Not only can ongoing quality content boost credibility, showcase personality, and offer a wealth of information to customers, it can continually drive traffic to your website through improved search rankings and visibility. This process is known as SEO (search engine optimization). In fact, one of the easiest and best things you can do to earn a high rank in the search engines is to launch and maintain a blog! Read on for more about the impact a consistently updated blog can have on a website’s SEO:

SEO and business blog benefits

Search engines such as Google definitely don’t want to serve up old or outdated information. You may not need to update your home page, about section, or services very often. But adding frequent blog posts shows that things are still up and running. Another added SEO benefit of having a business blog is that it also helps keep it on the search engines’ radar when indexing your website.

It gives users a reason to stick around longer

Google wants to provide the right info that folks are seeking. If a user goes to a website and immediately leaves, it signals that they were unable to find what they wanted or the site wasn’t all that helpful. But if they go to a blog post and then spend time reading — this is where long-form articles can be beneficial — or clicking around (which can be improved through internal linking, another great and super-easy SEO practice), then it demonstrates that the site is indeed useful.

It allows you to target more specific keywords

The more keywords you try to rank for, the more visibility you’re liable to have — this especially applies to long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific terms that people search for. In fact, half of all searches are for terms that are four words or longer. So rather than trying to rank for a more competitive two-word phrase like “toy cars,” you might try something more specific like “best toy cars for toddlers.” This increases your chance of earning a top spot in the search engines.

SEO benefits of having a blog, social media etc. Laptop with SEO words

It boosts the number of pages search engines can index

Oftentimes, having a larger website with more pages can equate to serving as a better source of information. Having a well-maintained blog with relevant, high-quality content is a simple way to do this!

It provides an opportunity to earn external links

While internal linking (including links to other pages on your own website) is easy to do, getting outside websites to link back to you can be more difficult. In order for Google to consider your website credible and authoritative, it helps when other websites (especially trusted ones) link back to yours — and including blog posts on a variety of relevant topics can certainly help!

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