Supporting small businesses is more than merely a catchy slogan or trend — albeit a popular one that seems to have taken hold of many consumers since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to finding the right WordPress hosting provider, you want to be sure you choose the right one — because if not, your business and website can suffer, be it from slow performance or a poor network infrastructure. And honestly, there’s something to be said for choosing a provider like Gifted Owl for your managed hosting needs over opting for a mass-market company like GoDaddy or WP Engine.

Trend or not, there’s a reason why shopping small for managed hosting can be hugely beneficial vs. giving your hard-earned dollars to a larger nationwide corporation. In fact, there are a whole host (pun intended) of reasons why you should consider a more intimate organization to handle your managed hosting! Read on.

Support the economy.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why folks choose to shop small is because it tends to make a larger economic impact over the long-term, as compared to bigger companies. Small businesses are continually adding more and more career opportunities, which enriches the entire job market.

Receive personalized support.

Rest assured that with a hosting provider like Gifted Owl, you will get a personalized approach and quality customer service. When you have questions or when issues arise, you will always be able to speak directly to a member of our staff — no automated replies here!

web hosting with Gifted Owl - team members on laptops around a table

Get a better overall client experience.

Choosing a web host with a small, hard-working team can help contribute to a close client-company relationship where you can feel like you have a partner rather than simply serve as a number in a sea of clients. Web hosting with Gifted Owl means we work to understand your business needs and ensure that your website helps to further your business.

Receive reliable security and lightning-fast tech support.

Website security is a top priority, and our tech support team is easily reachable and at your disposal should any problems arise. 

Web Hosting with Gifted Owl – Get a customized experience unique to your business.

While we offer a variety of hosting plans, shopping small allows the approach to more easily be tailored to your specific needs. Seeking assistance with design or logos? Need engaging content or social media setup or maintenance? We have access to a bevy of resources and can certainly work with you to ensure your needs are met!

Looking for a more personalized web-hosting experience? Know that you’re in good hands. Contact us now to get started!