ADA Compliance improves SEO on your website

The impact of website accessibility on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a topic of discussion for some time now, but until recently, there was no concrete evidence to support the claim that web accessibility enhances SEO.

A new study conducted by SEMRUSH and reviewed over 800 websites and found evidence to support the claim. Here are the study’s main findings:how website accesibilty improves SEO- SEMRush Study

How does accessibility improve SEO?

Improving web accessibility can boost a site’s search engine ranking by enhancing usability for all. Well-structured content, readable text, and image alt descriptions enhance usability and search engine visibility. Non-accessible sites risk SEO penalties, affecting their search engine ranking.

Expanding website accessibility can drive organic traffic growth. With over 1 million visually impaired adults aged 40+ in the US, enhancing web accessibility could unlock new business opportunities and foster brand loyalty.

Furthermore, Google’s calculation of search engine rankings, known as SERP, takes into account web page usability and user experience. This means that websites with accessibility features are likely to rank higher than those without, leading marketers to believe such features boost online visibility and improve SEO.

Until recently, the connection between accessibility and these benefits has not been
scientifically established. This has now changed with the research conducted by SEMRUSH.

Study Details

SEMRUSH, with the help of BuiltWith, created a tool that detects the technologies used on websites. The study identified 847 sites using accessibility remediation solutions and tracked their traffic before and after implementing these services. Data scientists analyzed the numbers and found that most sites experienced increased traffic after enhancing their accessibility measures. The results showed that 73.4% of the sites had a rise in organic traffic, with 66.1% seeing a growth of 1% to 50% and 7.3% experiencing a rise of more than 50%. evaluated the impact of different accessibility solution providers and found that ADA compliance remediation services were highly effective in increasing organic traffic. On average, all the sites surveyed experienced a 12% increase in traffic after implementing accessibility solutions. To tap into this potential, incorporating accessibility measures into your online property can be a valuable strategy.

Web accessibility isn’t just a moral imperative mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Research indicates that it can boost organic traffic, making it a crucial factor for enhancing online visibility. Businesses aiming to enhance their SEO performance should integrate accessibility solutions to increase search visibility, draw in more website visitors, meet legal obligations, and make their content accessible to a wider audience.

To enhance your brand awareness and attract more visitors to online properties, making your website accessible should be a top priority.

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