Frey Healthcare Consulting

ORB Architecture Website Build

The Brief

Frey Healthcare Consulting is run by Dr. Keith Frey Leader Developer |Consultant | Strategic Thinker | Speaker. Keith has a passion for developing leaders – leaders who are influencers, avoid their personality derailers, and are emotionally healthy. Keith was looking for a professional website to showcase his consulting and coaching services.

Our Approach

The goal of the website is to have a professional, clean and elegant style showcasing his expertise in healthcare consulting and coaching while also allowing users to navigate the site with ease.

The website design while remaining true to the clean and professional look provides interest through sleek animations and transitions to highlight sections of the website as the user scrolls.

We created services pages to highlight the various coaching services offered and also created a blog page to showcase the firm’s expertise in those areas.

Finally, we created a Contact page include the firm’s contact information and location as well a contact form for inquiries.

The Result

The new website has an approachable yet professional appeal with modern design and easy to navigate features. Learn more about Frey Healthcare Consulting at

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