New Orleans Mom

Lumina News Website Project

The Brief

New Orleans Mom started their website in 2012. By 2019, they were looking to update their design to a more modern and sophisticated design to reflect their growth in their community.

Our Approach

The goal of the website is both to have a modern feel that also created a warm approach to meet their audience with authenticity, warmth, and parenting resources.

Our plan was to build a website that allowed the client to add blog post articles with ease as well as allow the audience navigate the site easily while finding the resources they were interested in.

In addition to a modern homepage with post categories, we also created an event calendar to provide their city’s community an easy to use calendar of events.

The menu allows users to navigate to different categories of articles and brings them to streamlined pages that showcase the latest articles for that category.

The Result

The new website provides the modern capabilities of new website design while keeping the warmth and knowledgeable feel to meet the community’s needs. Learn more about New Orleans Mom at

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