Law Office of Beth M. Terry, P.A.

ORB Architecture Website Build

The Brief

The Law Office of Beth M. Terry, P.A. was looking to update their website with more information for their clients to reference. The informational website’s goal was to provide existing clients and potentials clients a resource as they decide their family law needs.

Our Approach

The goal of the website is both educate and inform potential and current clients about family law. The goal is also to showcase Beth Terry’s extensive knowledge of the specialities within family law.

Our plan was to build a website that served to showcase Beth Terry’s background as well as explain the intricacies of family law in an approachable and easy to understand language.

We created the homepage with a distinct call to action of scheduling a consultation and the provided supporting materials about the services offered and experience of our client.

We created service pages that separated out various parts of family law according to type. Within each service page we included an image to highlight the service and then provided the background on the service.

To highlight the client’s expertise we created an About page that highlights Beth Terry’s expertise and knowledge of family law and included in her bio.

Finally, we created a Contact page include the firm’s contact information and location as well as map with ability to get directions and a contact form for inquiries.

The Result

The new website is an informational resource for potential clients and existing client to understand more about the various parts of family law and provide reassurance that the client has extensive knowledge in the area. Learn more about the Law Office of Beth M. Terry, P.A. at

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