The Brief

Zip.Drape is a revolutionary new concept in drapery design. It’s a flexible drapery panel system that uses adjustable length panels that allows for a completely customized look. With interchangeable panels in 12 colors and a variety of header options, Zip.Drape is a quick and creative way to update a room.

With this new innovative product, Zip.Drape’s owners needed a website where they could sell the product as well as demonstrate the various ways the panels could be interchanged and used.

Our Approach

With the dynamic nature of the panels, colors and options, our challenge of building this website would be  to showcase how the product is configured and used as well as create an easy way for customers to place orders.

Since each panel is a set dimension (50” wide x 24” long) the way the curtains are customized in length is in the number of panels ordered. Blue Turtle Graphics researched the best way to create an online ordering form that would walk you through the process of selecting the header type, colors and number of panels needed to get the desired length. Using Woocommerce shopping cart plugin and the Composite Products add-on we were able to create a step-by-step order form on the product page that would walk a customer through the process of building their custom drapes.

We used other ways of further explaining how the product works with diagramed images and hotspot areas that would further explain the panel configuration when hovered over.  We also created a custom “inspiration” gallery with a variety of images showing different styles and color combos that Zip.Drape could be used. Clicking on a gallery image would open it in a lightbox and display details about the type of header style, the colors and the final length of the drape in the photo.

The Result

The final website clearly shows the various configurations of Zip.Drape through product diagrams, interactive images as well as inspirational photos in a gallery. The ordering process is a simply step-by-step walk through of selecting the styles, colors and number of panels needed to create the customer’s final drapery look.

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